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Yashica Portraits

The Yashica Portraits are all shot on film with a YashicaMat 120G camera. The camera, about the size of a brick, looks like a relic in today’s digital age.  It’s one of those old boxy cameras you look down through, with 2 lenses in the front.  More specifically, it’s a twin lens reflex medium format camera.  There are several traits that make this camera unique and well suited to these portraits.  The first, as mentioned, is they shoot film.  Film devotees insist film has a different look and feel than digital.  I agree, but only to the most discerning eye, if then.  For most people film and digital look the same.  It isn't the film itself that makes these portraits unique, rather the process.  Film is precious, it’s finite. I shoot fast and loose with digital cameras.  With film, I slow down, I put more thought and care into each frame.  They’re precious.  The second attribute of this camera is the focus. For the majority of these portraits the camera requires a close up lens adaptor.  The adaptor requires me to get very close to my subject.  So close in fact, my subject and I can actually reach out and touch each other.  This creates an intimacy between subject and photographer that doesn’t exist with traditional portrait lens and camera set ups.  Intimacy and pace command the “look and feel” of these portraits.