Fort Point

My youngest son and I recently traveled to San Francisco.  On our stroll across the Golden Gate Bridge I discovered this surf spot right under the southern end.  Fort Point is one of the more unusual breaks on the California coast, to say the least.  Here's a bodyboarder braving the frigid water and avoiding the rocks.

Dominique's Story

Here's a recent portrait I did for the American Association of Orthopedic Surgeons of a very courageous woman with an incredible story. Here's an excerpt:

One evening in San Diego, February 2011, a throng of guests walked out of a nightclub and into the balmy night. The next moment, screaming and carnage - as a taxi inexplicably veered off the street and onto the sidewalk, raking through the disbelieving crowd.

One young mother - Dominique Gambale - sustained the most serious injury. This is her story, and how an orthopaedic surgeon who had served in Iraq called on his wartime experience to make sure Dominique's leg would get another chance.

You can read the rest of Dominique's story in her own words here:

Mission Delores - San Francisco, CA

When I was a student I shot a lot of Black & White. I earned my chops processing and printing all my own film and making all my own prints, as we all did.  I continued to do that for years, even into my professional career.  I prided myself on my B&W prints.  Both my personal work and my commercial prints.  Those days seem long gone now as every commercial project is digital.  Even on the occasion when I shoot film, I still scan the film, doing all the processing work digitally.   Output is then off to a client via FTP, through one of my desktop inkjet printers, or via file to a local printer.  No more darkroom, and thankfully, no more chemicals.  But what I am missing lately is the look and feel of Black and White.  On a recent trip to San Francisco I decided to fool around with some Black and White when we were at the Mission Delores.  I wandered the grounds looking at things in Black & White like I used to do back when there was Tri-X in the camera.  But the captures were all digital (color).   It's the processing and output that's Black & White using Nik's Silver Efex Pro2.  I love the control of the software and the ability to really push these images in the direction that they were originally conceived.  Much as I would have done in the darkroom, but much more quickly, accurately, and without the smell of fixer on my hands....