Happenstance Show

The Happenstance Show with over 30 San Diego Photographers donating prints to help support The Monarch School raised over $2K last Saturday. Thanks to the guys over at Subtext for putting on the show and to all the great photographers who donated their work!

Max enjoying a Candy Cane and some great art...

Frank doing his thing...

Bio-IT World

I've shot number of jobs for Bio-IT World over the years. They've always been great to work with. Good ideas, great creativity, an always a lot of freedom to create great work. This was shot for the Nov/Dec '09 Cover. It was a fun collaborative effort from AD Mark's very cool idea. And to make it even better, the subject, Steve Philpott, is the CIO at Amylin Pharmaceuticals, one of my favorite clients here in San Diego.


I've been working with my friends over at Subtext Gallery to put together a great One Night Only photo auction and charity show this Saturday night, December 5th. The Auction will benefit The Monarch School. This is a not to be missed night of photography with just about every great San Diego photographer participating!!! Check out the details here. I hope to see you all there!

CA Roadtrip - Occidental Arts & Ecology Center

I toured the amazing Occidental Arts & Ecology Center recently. The constant rain and drizzle that day couldn't dampen the beauty and amazing energy of the grounds. 80 acres of the most amazing gardens, orchards and wild growth. The property has changed hands a number of times over the years, but in 1994, with long-term stewardship of this land in mind, Sowing Circle, the Sonoma Land Trust and the Warsh-Mott Legacy (the previous landowner) collaborated to author and endow an Organic Agricultural Easement to protect in perpetuity the organic gardens and orchards from any development or any use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides.
I learned just enough about Permaculture Design to pique my interest and leave me wanting more.

Michelle Vesser, OAEC’s Assistant Gardener and Production Manager, on her third stint here at the gardens.

Thanks again to Brock Dohlman, with the carrots, for hooking me up!

Muddy Onions

CA Roadtrip Teaser

Just got back from a week on the road in CA. So many images to go through and edit...in addition to all the Portraits from the Bioneers Conference, which I'll have to scan...So here's the teaser image with much, much, more to come.

Dow Agro Science

Cowboy Star

I just did a pro bono shoot for the local Chapter of the APA for our upcoming 7th Annual Portfolio Review. The concept from the guys over at Savacool Secviar called for a butcher shop and one of their clients is Cowboy Star, the hot new place downtown. And they just happen to have a butcher shop! Worked out great. Just wanted to say a big thanks to Jon at Cowboy Star for letting us us the place and Victor for standing in for us. And thanks to Kari Pheffer for assisting on the shoot.
Here's a few vignettes from the incredible interior of the Restaurant.

Late Summer Harvest

We planted a pomegranate tree in our back yard a couple of years ago. We've always gotten a couple of fruit off the tree. This year it went nuts! It looked like it was going to fall over it had so many. So after much procrastination, I finally picked the over ripe, splitting fruit last night and got the seeds out for juicing. Looks like we'll have fresh pomegranate juice for the foreseeable future. Tasty!