Fort Point

My youngest son and I recently traveled to San Francisco.  On our stroll across the Golden Gate Bridge I discovered this surf spot right under the southern end.  Fort Point is one of the more unusual breaks on the California coast, to say the least.  Here's a bodyboarder braving the frigid water and avoiding the rocks.

Mission Delores - San Francisco, CA

When I was a student I shot a lot of Black & White. I earned my chops processing and printing all my own film and making all my own prints, as we all did.  I continued to do that for years, even into my professional career.  I prided myself on my B&W prints.  Both my personal work and my commercial prints.  Those days seem long gone now as every commercial project is digital.  Even on the occasion when I shoot film, I still scan the film, doing all the processing work digitally.   Output is then off to a client via FTP, through one of my desktop inkjet printers, or via file to a local printer.  No more darkroom, and thankfully, no more chemicals.  But what I am missing lately is the look and feel of Black and White.  On a recent trip to San Francisco I decided to fool around with some Black and White when we were at the Mission Delores.  I wandered the grounds looking at things in Black & White like I used to do back when there was Tri-X in the camera.  But the captures were all digital (color).   It's the processing and output that's Black & White using Nik's Silver Efex Pro2.  I love the control of the software and the ability to really push these images in the direction that they were originally conceived.  Much as I would have done in the darkroom, but much more quickly, accurately, and without the smell of fixer on my hands....