San Diego Film Festival, Behind the Scenes - The Parties

It's all about the party - the after party!  Every night offered fantastic after hour diversions.  It started with the VIP Opening Night party at Bang Bang and ended with the Filmmakers Bash at SummerSalt Rooftop Pool & Lounge.  In between was the Tribute Night reception at the Museum of Contemporary Art in La Jolla and the Almost Famous party at the decadent Pussycat Dolls San Diego Dollhouse in the Gaslamp.  After Party On!


San Diego Film Festival, Behind the Scenes - The People

There's always a great vibe at the SD Film Festival.  Not dissimilar to the laid back, easy going attitude that is San Diego's hallmark.  Celebs mingle with fans, guests become celebs, everyone's a star....

Honorees Judd Apatow & Justin Nappi mixin' with the masses

Meet and greet on stage with Judd Apatow

Gentleman Norman and his escort

The Script