Camp Cuisine

There's nothing quite like camp cuisine.  I've eaten at some pretty fine establishments and sampled foods prepared by some incredibly talented chefs, but there's nothing like making your own food in the great outdoors.  All pretense removed - senses heightened.  Even day old bagels toasted over the campfire  - to a point unacceptable in most kitchens - and slathered in butter are a delight.  Here's some culinary tips from our recent camping trip to Rock Creek Lake: Dry beans take FOREVER to cook at altitude.

Bacon smells just as good at 9500 feet as it does at sea level.

Kids actually enjoy learning stuff, like how to gut fish.

Veggie burgers don't travel well.

Fresh caught trout is every bit as good as you remember it.

Sunrise - Breakfast Prep

Cup of Joe- or Green Tea....

Mmmmm, bacon!

Breakfast courtesy of Peter

The stringer - one of many.

Teaching the fine art of gutting fish

Supervising KP