The Women of Azucar

I've been in many kitchens over the years.  Big ones, small places, 5 star establishments and greasy spoon joints. First as a server and now as a photographer.  For me, there's nothing like the energy of a kitchen abuzz with activity.  There's something magical about a team with a common goal.  Working together to produce something that we all crave, yet many of us take for granted.  Food and eating.  I've posted previously about Azucar.   I focused on the process and the ingredients they use to produce these wonderful desserts.  But there is a special core of people, women actually, that bring these sweets to life.  Azucar is a small kitchen, to say the least.   It also has the greatest vibe I've been around in quite some time.  And it is because of the women that work there.  The energy would be totally different if there was a male in the mix.  We tend to alter the balance of things.   The 3 women that work in these tight quarters are Elodie, Jolene, and owner / chef Vivian.  They love what they do and that feeling radiates from the kitchen.  Not only in their laughter and banter but in the incredible confections they create. Below are a couple of portraits of the women of Azucar...


Jolene - who has since moved on to open here own place. I can't wait to see what see has in store for us...!

Vivian - Owner | Chef