Rogo Family Portrait

At the east end of the Waipio Valley, along a mile long stretch of black sand beach, at the base of a 1500 foot cliff, with waterfalls spilling into the ocean, in the late afternoon, the light is just so... it's the perfect time and space for a Rogo family portrait.

US Mexico Border Fence

Took a little road trip last week to explore old Historic Route 80 right here in San Diego County. There were a few interesting stops along the way, but what ended up developing was an interesting study around the US Mexico border fence. The fence, in it's many forms....

RR Tracks along Old Historic Route 80

Jacumba Airport

All-American Canal

Calexico, CA

Late Summer Harvest

We planted a pomegranate tree in our back yard a couple of years ago. We've always gotten a couple of fruit off the tree. This year it went nuts! It looked like it was going to fall over it had so many. So after much procrastination, I finally picked the over ripe, splitting fruit last night and got the seeds out for juicing. Looks like we'll have fresh pomegranate juice for the foreseeable future. Tasty!

Heidi's Wedding

Heidi has been assisting me for about 3 years now. She's better today than the first time we worked together, which cannot be said for most Photo Assistants.
She's also a fantastic photographer in her own right. And I've taken a lot of joy in watching her build her Wedding and Portrait business over these 3 short years.
Check out her outstanding work:
Well, she got married a couple of weeks ago to a wonderful guy, Albert, at what has to have been one of the funnest and most picturesque weddings I've ever been to. Hands down, 2 of the best toasts, from the Bride's brother and the Groom's brother, I have ever heard at a wedding. 2 of the best!! At the same wedding!! From different families! I kid you not!!!
I shot a couple of wedding's early in my career and gave them up right away. I guess I'm just not wired to deal with shooting a wedding. But I do enjoy a good wedding and I like to bring a camera, just in case...

Tilted Kilt Girls

I've been doing some work for The Tilted Kilt here in downtown San Diego. So in addition to shooting a number of scenarios for Ads and Collateral I did some portraits of some of the girls. The lighting turned out a little harsher than what I wanted for this first series, but I really like a how these 4 turned out. We'll see how the next batch turns out...Thanks to everyone at the Kilt. They're a great bunch of people to work with!