SDX Portraits

I’ve been a member of the SDX Board of Director for several years now.  I was recently tasked by the Communications Committee to create portraits of my fellow Directors for use on the SDX website.  The board has grown in recent years to 30+ members. It's a strong group of passionate individuals from the San Diego advertising, marketing and media fields.  Given the large group of creative individuals I wanted to present the individual portraits as a complete, stand alone portfolio.  I presented a mood board with candid black and white portraits.  My approach was a theme that is popular with my corporate clients right now.  I call it the "Moment between the Moments".  It is that split second when the subject has let their guard down and is no longer "posing".  Many of my corporate clients are looking for something a little different for their executive and staff portraits.  The standard headshot is out.  The environmental office portrait is waning.  This candid approach has proven quite popular.  I was pleased the Communications Committee approved the creative direction. All of my subjects bought into the concept as well.  Everyone arrive inspired and ready for anything. In addition to the website, SDX created a series of ads featuring select portraits to run locally.  The above ad features fellow Director Miguel Fenton, VP of Sales Local at Entravision.  Below are the other portraits.


Special thanks to Angela Hess, Amy Richardson and Justin Galloway (the photographer of the photographer) for their help in the production.  

Dominique's Story

Here's a recent portrait I did for the American Association of Orthopedic Surgeons of a very courageous woman with an incredible story. Here's an excerpt:

One evening in San Diego, February 2011, a throng of guests walked out of a nightclub and into the balmy night. The next moment, screaming and carnage - as a taxi inexplicably veered off the street and onto the sidewalk, raking through the disbelieving crowd.

One young mother - Dominique Gambale - sustained the most serious injury. This is her story, and how an orthopaedic surgeon who had served in Iraq called on his wartime experience to make sure Dominique's leg would get another chance.

You can read the rest of Dominique's story in her own words here:

This is a Good Day

I shot this image of Max for MJE Marketing and The Port of San Diego a few years back. Back when he still had his 2 upper front teeth. I always loved the image but thought it might be too cute and not be able to find a use. Great to see it finally find it's place in the Port's folio of ads. Marlee & Aaron Ishaeik did a great job with the design of the ad. Aaron also happens to be a great painter as well! Check out his work here: