366 and Moving Forward

It's been several months now since I was immersed in taking a picture every day, striving for One Great Image every 24 hour cycle. I kept it up for abut a week and a half into 2009 out of sheer habit, I think. But then something quirky happened that I didn't have a "usable" image so I stopped. Just like that.... and It Was, just like that. I was surprised how quickly and easily it was over.
And now the big show at Subtext has had it's run. It was a great success with great exposure. I'm continuing to put the show out there where appropriate and am looking for more opportunities. 366 | 08 will always live here, but it's time to move on to new and exciting things!
Thanks to everyone for all their words and posts of encouragement along the way.

Show Opening @ Subtext...

Well we had a packed crowd for the opening of 366 | 08 at Subtext on Friday night. A great turnout and an even better vibe. Everyone seemed to love the show, the music, and Subtext's new space. But there was a point on Thursday night and early Friday morning when I wasn't sure what to expect for the Opening.
Subtext has a great post with some pix of us getting ready for the show Here.

366 | 08 Exhibition at Subtext

366 | 08 , the Exhibition, opens this Friday at Subtext Gallery with an Opening Reception from 6-10PM. Their new location is at 2479 Kettner (on the corner of Kettner & Laurel).
Hope to see you all there!
Check out Subtext for more info about the show.

December 24, 2008

Well, I finally made it over to James' new shop, Halcyon Tea.
As a big time tea lover I've been waiting for this place to open for a year now. It was well worth the wait. It reminds me of our trips to NYC or SF and seeking out the tea shops in Chinatown. Only this one is right over in South Park!!! If you're in the area, or not, make a special trip over: Halcyon Tea location and hours. He's got some wonderful teas, a wealth of knowledge, and the vibe is so chill you'll have no idea you've already spent an hour there, more relaxed and better for it...